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Full-Time WorkAugust 2017


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At live events, revenue is limited by venue capacity. There is a lack of engagement between brands, fans, venues, and artists. Traditionally, live event broadcasting were limited to large organizations, capped by data bandwidth, hardware, and technology.

AerNow aimed to bring live events to anyone, anywhere. By providing a private data network, 5G-connected cameras, and transcoding hardware in compact packages, venues can increase capacity and remote attendance.


AerNow aimed to provide the true "glass-to-glass" experience for viewers: from the camera lenses to the viewers' screens. We needed to create a suite of apps across Mobile, Desktop, and OTT Devices for viewers to stream our events live. These apps would need to:

  • Showcase live events.
  • Be intuitive for all audiences, including those unfamiliar with streaming services.
  • Work as a video platform with highlights and clips from live events.


Our Marketing team identified two target demographics: people of ages 16-35 and over 35. With AerNow's strong foothold in live music and motorsports, we shifted our focus to targeting Millenials and looked to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch for inspiration. Because our live events would be much more curated and specialized, our designs needed to focus more on highlighting new content, rather than discovering existing content.

Elsie Brown

San Francisco, CA
47 years

  • Not fully up-to-date with technology.
  • Prefers watching TV, especially for live events like sports.
  • Rarely goes to live events, and prefers to stay home.

Jason Foster

Los Angeles, CA
23 years

  • Caught-up with technology, and looks for the next cool thing.
  • Prefers Netflix and other streaming sites over TV.
  • Goes to concerts and live events.

Information Architecture

Before we could start designing the AerNow experience, we mapped our content hierarchy. We agreed to give each of our Live Events Partners a channel, which would resonate with both our YouTube and TV users.In each channel, the owner can choose to have multiple programs that users can tune into.Our largest partner, Pirelli World Challenge, wanted individual programs for each motorsports team, sponsor, and manufacturer. Users who are fans of a specific racing team could subscribe to their Team and Team Manufacturer's channels.

Ideation & Wireframes

A few concepts emerged using the team's research and product strategy, including video overlays in motorsports to show positioning and racing telemetry. A concept of switching between live cameras was also introduced into the UI.Borrowing design patterns from familiar video distribution platforms, the experience is familiar and easy to navigate. Live content happening now is highlighted in a top hero carousel. The rest of the curated streams and on-demand videos reside below, filtered by tabs.


CES 2017 Proof of Concept

Proof of Concept App in displaying real-time telemetry, data, and video. Showcased at CES 2017