Regal Group Realty

Real estate agency based in Fremont, CA targeting middle to high-income homeowners seeking luxury, single-family homes in the East Bay.


Client Work
May 2016


Corporate Identity



Brand Questionnaire

In our initial meeting, I interviewed the client to understand the business needs and brand. How did they want the company to be perceived? What type of demographic were they aiming for?

  • Luxury and high class
  • Trustworthy
  • Warm and welcoming
  • Client-Family
  • Team-effort/Collaborative
  • Professional yet not distant
  • Middle-high to High income families.
  • Mostly Asian clientele
  • New and existing homeowners.
  • 30-55 years primarily. 25-30 as a minority group.
  • Most likely married or with families.

Mood Board

Continued conversations with the client showed a strong preference towards representing the word "Regal". With the client's mostly Asian clientele, they also requested some exploration with imagery that would resonate with Asian audiences. Above all, the brand must represent luxury and outstanding customer service.

Initial Concepts

From the mood boards, I focused on a few symbols I knew represented regality: a crown, and a jewel. Additionally, I experimented with lotus imagery and shapes at the request of the client. Red was decided early as the primary color due to its association with royalty and luck in Asian cultures.


The winning logo combined the top view of a ruby, the imagery of a laurel wreath, and the silhouette of a home.


Blank Real Estate Sign in Front of Beautiful New House.


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