Two Degrees of Separation

Two Degrees is a new, fast-growing social network that connects the world through mutual friends. Founded on the principal that everyone is connected by two degrees, Two Degrees seeks to connect people through one of the most trusted forms of communication — a friend's introduction.


Potential connections are aggregated in list and map form, allowing users to discover new friends sitting next to them or a few blocks away.


Profiles detail mutual friends and similarities with users, sparking that initial excitement people crave.
"You went to my high school too? What a small world!"

Make friends

Start a conversation and make friends! Discover missed connections and explore shared interests.

Real-time Engagement

Users are notified when they pass by a potential connection. Two Degrees' algorithm suggests the best matches for users to connect.

Find a hangout anytime, anywhere.

Whether public or private, friends can discover hangouts easily anytime, anywhere.

Live in the "Now"

Easy, instantaneous hangout creation opens up a new dynamic in meeting new friends. Want to expand your group for a night out? Simply invite people to drop by.