A fitness tracker/rewards app.

To promote healthier lifestyles, StepUp! encourages users to exercise by awarding partner gift cards and discounts. Partner coupons allow companies to increase conversion rates and promote new purchases from customers.

Users benefit from these discounts and receive added motivation to maintain an active lifestyle.


Client Work
May 2015


Product Design
Visual Design
UX Design
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There is a lack of quality fitness apps on the market. Successful apps such as Nike+ Run are great for logging running, but there is currently no solution that logs any fitness or exercise effectively. A fitness app called Pact, offered real cash incentives for meeting fitness goals, paid for by the users who didn’t reach fitness goals. This reward/punishment method worked well in the beginning, but Pact soon was giving more money out than they were receiving.

Inspired by this, StepUp! was created. A similar incentive-based app that offers sponsored-gifts and rewards from large athletic companies.

Ideation & Wireframes

Information Architecture



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